Welcome to BubbleBeats

BubbleBeats is a cool new interactive jukebox tailored for Android devices that makes organizing music … fun. ┬áBy playfully arranging colorful bubbles, you create complex probabilistic playlists that infinitely delight in reasonable yet unpredictable ways.

See BubbleBeats in Action!

Watch this video tutorial to learn the BubbleBeats basics. Once you do, you’ll be exploring your music in fresh and exciting ways in no time.

What is BubbleBeats?

BubbleBeats works by playing songs in randomly designed ways. Designed randomness? Follow along and we’ll explain.

Simply place Bubbles of varying sizes and colors on the screen of your Android-powered phone. A different song from music stored in the phone can be assigned to each Bubble. You can also determine the size and color for each Bubble.
Users can arrange and overlap Bubbles of different sizes and colors to create complex playlists, called foams. It is the way that a user sizes and overlaps Bubbles that determines how BubbleBeats will play the music.
This is how designed randomness works: Once a Bubble has finished playing, BubbleBeats will randomly choose the next song to play only from those Bubbles that directly touch or overlap the currently playing one.

In the illustration to the left, Bubble A is currently playing. Once it has finished playing, BubbleBeats will randomly play one of the Bubbles (B-E) that are either touching or overlapping Bubble A. In this example, Bubble E will start playing once Bubble A has finished.

Bubble A (labeled Bubble E above) is now playing. When a new Bubble starts playing, a new set of random options are presented. In the illustration to the left, Bubble F is now in the random queue, whereas it was not in the illustration above, because it was not touching or overlapping with the currently playing bubble.

BubbleBeats randomly selects the next song to play, but users control the way that Bubbles link up in foams, which influences the options to be randomized. This is the essence of BubbleBeats’ designed randomness.

You can create as many foams on the phone screen as you want. An infinite number of unique foams can be created. An endless number of different music queues allows you to experience your music in fresh and interesting ways.