User Guide: Getting Started

This section will teach you the fundamentals of BubbleBeats: How to create Bubbles and use them to listen to your music. After you’ve mastered these skills, read the next section, Basic Controls, to learn more BubbleBeats tricks.

Learn how to:

Create Bubbles

When you start BubbleBeats for the first time you are presented with a blank canvas. Let’s add a Bubble to begin exploring your music.

MakeBubble_Step01 Step 1

Double tap the screen anywhere on the blank canvas. A new Bubble, represented by a blue circle, should appear.

BB_Tip: Learn how to change a Bubble’s color.

MakeBubble_Step02 Step 2

You can create additional Bubbles by simply repeating Step 1. Double tap the screen anywhere on the blank canvas. Another blue Bubble should appear.

Associate Music with Bubbles

Bubbles can’t do anything until you associate them with some music from your Android phone’s music library.

AssocSong_Step01 Step 1

On any Bubble you’ve created, press and hold your finger for approximately 1 second to select it.

AssocSong_Step02 Step 2

Click the Android menu, choose Bubble then Pick a Song.

AssocSong_Step03 Step 3

From this menu, you can view the music available in your Android phone’s music library. Tap on one of the choices to select how you want to navigate your music.

In this walkthrough, we will select the “Songs” option, which will present an alphabetical list of all songs currently stored in the music library.

AssocSong_Step04 Step 4

No matter what menu option you selected in Step 3, you will eventually be presented with a list of available music. Scroll through your music and, by tapping with your finger, select the music you want to associate with the Bubble you selected in Step 1.

Tapping the song title links this song with the Bubble we tapped in Step 1. You will be returned to the canvas. To play the song, quickly tap the Bubble once. To pause the music, do the same again on the playing Bubble.

AssocSong_Step05 Step 5

Bubbles glow when playing music.

Learn the Title of the Music Playing

LearnSong_Step01 You can display the title of any Bubble by double tapping it. If a Bubble has been added to your favorites, the title will have a heart icon displayed next to its name.

BB_Tip: Learn how to add a Bubble to your favorites.

Start and Stop the Music Playing

Starting, stopping, and pausing music played by Bubbles is as easy as tapping them with your finger.

  • To start playing a Bubble: Tap any Bubble once and it will begin to glow and play your music.
  • To stop playing a Bubble: Tap any active Bubble once and it will stop playing your music.
  • To pause/resume playing a Bubble: When a Bubble is active, tapping it will cause it to stop playing music, but its glowing halo will remain. This indicates that the Bubble is paused. Tapping a paused Bubble will cause it to resume playing from where it was paused. However, if you pause a Bubble and then start playing a different, second Bubble, if you return to your fist Bubble it will start playing your music from the beginning again, not from where you initially paused it.